Turned out to be “Not”

Hmmm, let me see, when was my last post? May 27th 2010, almost a year ago. For anyone following this blog, my apologies.

What’s happened since then? Well, the World Cup was on in June/July 2010; I’d have been pretty engrossed in that for 5 weeks! Lots of job hunting. Lots of dead ends. Lots of demoralising trips to sign on and be told that “look, here’s a job delivering groceries”. Yeah right, thanks!

Along the way, I think I realised that web development was not really for me. I’m not a coder, not a programmer. Feeling a little deflated at this realisation and what I was going to do next, a lucky break occurred. In April 2010, whilst browsing for web design companies, I came across a site for an Apple Technical Support company called “Mac For Idiots” in Southampton. I wrote to them asking if they might need any staff and received a reply basically saying “no, not right now, but keep in touch, we may have something in the future”.

I carried on with my job search routine and in late September I remembered that company and fired off another email to them. I heard nothing for a while, and then in early November I got a reply saying “If you’re still looking for work I would be interested to meet for a chat”. We met the very next day. The company had changed their name to Purple Computing, and was run by one guy, James. We had a very nice, informal meeting and I came away from it feeling quite positive. James is an Apple Certified Support Professional providing support to home and business users. He was doing everything from email setups to server installs, and as he was getting quite busy, he needed someone to provide a bit of back office support.

A week later he offered me the job. He was keen for me to get qualified so that I too could provide technical support. I took the Mac OS X 10.6 Support Essentials course in March 2011 and passed! In my short time with Purple Computing I have helped with server installs, provided home support, remote support, telephone support, worked on our own website in Coda, made other websites in iWeb and I’m busy creating a Customer management database in FileMaker! Lots of variety, and I’m loving it.

I remember saying in my “About” page: “This Blog will hopefully cover my journey from complete novice to a new career in Web Design. Or not. We shall see.”

Well, here we are, a year later and we have seen, and it turned out to be “not”. Well, not quite.


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