Starter For Ten, No Conferring*

I registered for my first course this week. It is the Open University course T183 – Design and the Web I mentioned in my previous post. It’s a ten week online course which, while being a fairly basic introduction to design principles, should at least get me back into ‘learning’ mode!

The course material is not compatible with the Mac though so I have to use a PC. One of the ‘benefits’ of my office closure was that they were throwing away a bunch of PC’s so I grabbed one in case I might need it one day. That day has arrived. However, they weren’t being so generous as to supply the monitor with it, so I need to get one quickly. I’m comforted by the fact that I can use the 2nd monitor with the Mac when I’m not using the PC so that’s a nice little side benefit.

So, onwards and upwards. Keep watching for further posts throughout the course.

*The title comes from the University Challenge; “Your starter for 10” became the programme’s most famous catchphrase. As it happens, my course is worth 10 points too!


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